Bieza® Exceptional Mixers is a terrific line of drink mixers suited to work just as well with alcohol as without. They’re delicious, natural, low in calorie and made with alcohol-free flavors.

They were born out of changing consumer attitudes and attempt to address several growing trends:

Consumers seeking out natural ingredients and more healthy food choices for themselves and their families

The booming cocktail culture that features premium and artisanal spirits, and drinks concocted by rock-star mixologists.

The growing demand for drinks with less alcohol and alcohol-free choices—at home and while out with friends and family

Restaurants, bars and event planners who are looking for more healthful drink options both for their cocktail customers and non-drinkers alike

While entertaining at home, hosts are looking for signature drinks that are suitable for their drinking and non-drinking guests.


The 'Bieza' name is a fanciful spelling of ‘beauty’ or ‘beautiful’ in Spanish.

The Bieza brand is about feeling better about your choices, and bringing people together—whether they drink alcohol or not.

Bieza formulations were approved by the Cornell Food Innovation Center in NY and the FDA. They are made in 10- and 15-gallon batches at the Dorrance Hamilton Center for Culinary Enterprises, part of The Enterprise Center in Philadelphia, PA. This certified commercial facility provides sanitary, professional kitchens for production and support.

Bieza Mixers are made with specially formulated alcohol-free flavors from a flavor house in Brooklyn. The colors are made by a firm who develops vegetable juice coloring. The sweeteners are monk fruit juice, erythritol, a natural, zero calorie sugar (NOT LIKE sorbitol, xylitol or maltitol) and honey. We use a natural preservative and citric acid. The 500ml (11 servings) and 250ml (5.5 servings) bottles are glass and feature a pour spout for more precision.


Designed to be ‘one shot per serving’, Bieza make it easy to create cocktails and alcohol-free drinks without guessing how much to use. It hovers slightly less than 10 calories per serving and our current flavors are Citro, a citrus ginger flavor, and Poma, a pomegranate tea flavor. A third flavor is in the works.

We hope you will enjoy Bieza Mixers as much as our customers do, and learn more about the product as we expand.


Patricia Shea
Founder, EverLeight Beverage Co Inc